We've spent years specializing in the Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) industry and we've heard from people in a wide variety of industries. We’ve listened to what they’ve needed their AVL system to do for them, and transformed their wishes into the versatile interface that you can benefit from today. Now MAXtrax includes feature options gleaned from hundreds of satisfied users. We don't shy away from suggestions on how to make the system better, we seek them.



MAXtrax was developed with the latest technologies giving you the most intuitive interface available based on end user feedback.


Keeping in mind the requests from clients in many industries, our comprehensive feature set is designed to meet the requirements for the broadest range of organizations, mindful of the fact that our clients range through multiple industries. MAXtrax enhances the way business's operate.

MAXtrax was designed to be hardware and carrier independent, our customers are not tied to any manufacturer or cellular service provider. This freedom provides our customers with many options competitors are unable to offer.

The most commonly requested client desire was for a AVL provider to create a User Interface which was easy to navigate. Our users do not want to navigate multiple pages or tabs, nor do they want annoying popup windows. We gladly meet these needs.

The second most asked for feature is the ability to use a wide selection of devices and have them all viewable in one easy interface. In the past, other AVL systems compelled the user to make use of different service providers to view assets of different types or "classes". Because of the unwillingness of our competitors to integrate a wide range of hardware devices into their software, the inconvenience of negotiating through multiple screens wasn't an option! MAXtrax was built so that virtually any device can be added thus allowing customers to see all of their assets on one simple-to-use web browser screen.

Third on our client-solicited needs list was a way to tie an asset tracking system into their existing administrative software. This desire is advantageous in order to utilize equipment costing, administer mileage tracking and billing for time on-site, plus many other options which modern day administration software provides. While this isn't always possible given the extremely wide variety of administration systems and the platforms that they run on, there is a very high probability that TerraTrax can be integrated with your existing administration back-end. Please contact us for more details.