MAXtrax allows each user to create as many multi point fences (or zones) as needed. These can also be in any shape or configuration and the user can chose from a wide variety of colors to show the outline. In the image below the user has created a Geofence around the hi-way and areas where the driver is allowed to travel. If the vehicle travels outside of this area the owner or dispatcher can be alerted. Speed limits can also be set for individual Geofences. They can also be set up inside of other Geofences with multiple layers of fences available, each with its own speed limit.

Many MAXtrax users utilize the Geofences to be alerted when vehicles or assets travel outside, into, or across certain areas. Managers can now tell when vehicles are being driven outside of operating areas or if assets are being moved when they shouldn't be.

Navigation Tool

The MAXtrax Navigation Tool allows users to quickly change map options such as Road Map, Satellite View, Hybrid Satellite View with roads, or Patchmaps Oilfeild Mapping.

Users can quickly adjust map view elevation to various levels by clicking on the zoom bars, turn Geofences or Points of Interest on (or off) and clear all items from the map.