The unique ability to maintain one interface for a myriad of fleets, vehicles and assets is our strength. No one else can offer you this degree of control. Your TerraTrax System was designed to provide you with a streamlined method of asset administration, but still offers more than enough features to personalize your experience in many ways that are specific to your individualized needs. From mobile inventory and heavy equipment, to heavy fleets and lighter fleets, and as specialized of a focus as oilfield tanks and compressors, TerraTrax meets you there.


One of the largest costs many companies face is the upkeep and fuel requirements for their fleet. Everything from the manner in which drivers use the vehicles to ensuring maintenance is done on time has an effect on the company bottom line. MAXtrax allows owners and managers to monitor driver behavior while our included maintenance module tracks when vehicles require service. Any time service is required our system automatically sends an e-mail alert to the designated service personnel or facility.

We're flexible. While other competing services offer standard reporting that works for them, we design each client’s reporting provisions to match the requirements of that organization. We work to help ensure that every client receives the information they require.

  • reduce maintenance costs by monitoring driver behaviour - (e.g. high rate of acceleration and hard breaking).
  • cut the cost of monthly fuel bills by reducing speeding, idle time, and drivers making side trips.
  • peace of mind, monitor unauthorized vehicle usage afterhours and on weekends.
  • several insurance companies are reducing rates for tracked fleets.
  • dispatch nearest vehicles to any new calls.
  • increase employee safety by knowing where they are during the day and after hours.
  • see when on-vehicle services are running such as the Power Take Off (PTO), compressors, lights, or when doors are open.
  • track service events based on engine hours, mileage, and time.

In every industry there are leaders and these leaders have added fleet tracking to the way they operate. They have discovered that tracking their vehicles and assets has given them an edge that keeps them ahead of their competition.

The benefits far outweigh the costs. Most organizations see a positive return on investment ROI in as little as two months. The more miles and hours your fleet is on the road the more you save.