Because of the various fleets and assets our clients have, we've integrated a number of different types and makes of hardware. Not every tracking device will work in every application. It's like matching up the right tool for each job, a wrench for tightening bolts and a saw to cut timber. Each task has its very specific requirements, the same holds true in GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking. MAXtrax has integrated a wide variety of GPS tracking equipment to ensure we have the right tools to provide you with the best possible solution for all you equipment tracking requirements. We understand that some equipment will seldom be within cellular coverage so we offer equipment managers satellite tracking options that allow viewing where the equipment is located and still receive details on maintenance requirements. Since not every piece of equipment has an on board engine and battery, we also offer devices which provide years of service on an internal set of field replaceable batteries. Fleet managers often require more details from the assets they control. We offer several devices, some with satellite fall back for areas outside of cellular coverage, that can provide a great deal of information on vehicle status, activities, and driver behaviour. In many cases assets have on board equipment that is driven by a PTO or separate equipment engine. In these cases we can provide a means to monitor the on board equipment for maintenance purposes as well as status. Several of our devices have internal back up batteries which can provide tracking details for days allowing for detection of device tampering or attempts to circumvent the tracking system in the event an asset is stolen. Make sure you use the right tool for every job, MAXtrax offers the right tools for GPS Tracking and Monitoring of Assets and Fleets.