MAXtrax uses PatchMap™, the most complete oilfield mapping service available. From the MAXtrax dispatch screen well sites, lease roads, and other important oilfield points of interest are easily identified. Our clients can view the location of all their assets being tracked by MAXtrax juxtaposed within PatchMap™ images. Combined with the MAXtrax ATS (LSD) lookup, finding oilfield information has never been easier. PatchMap™ allows you to take this mapping power into the fleet vehicles using Garmin® Fleet Management Integrated (FMI) consoles.

With the PatchMap™ micro SD card inserted in a Garmin® console drivers can search for oilfield well sites by bottom hole AER (ERCB) well name and route to the SURFACE location. PatchMap™ takes you to the wellhead because that’s where you need to go. Drivers can search for and find oil field well information (e.g., operator name, license date, current operator, drill path, and strike zone). PatchMap™ BC data includes both LSD and PNG searches (BC wells are all named by surface location). More features exclusive to PatchMap™ only: radio frequencies and kilometer posts. You’ll only get these details with PatchMap™. Separate winter access from all-weather access. The Other Guys don’t worry about these details. PatchMap™ does! All you need is an LSD and you're ready to route.

Using the combined power of MAXtrax and PatchMap™, dispatchers and drivers now view the same information. Use this powerful combination to send destinations selected on the dispatch screen to your drivers with confidence that PatchMap™ will get them there efficiently.

PatchMap™ Dispatch View Detail In TerraTrax


PatchMap™ update their data regularly gathering information from many sources, federal, provincial, and municipal governments as well as holders of private roads such as forestry companies. You won't find a more complete mapping service for oilfield purposes.


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In Vehicle Oilfield Mapping

PatchMap™ in Garmin® consoles provide a powerful in cab tool for all oilfield personnel. While many programs exist that can be run on office computers providing dispatchers with detailed information only PatchMap™ puts that kind of data in the field.

Not only will this program search for LSDs, PatchMap™ will also search Operator Name or type of Facility (e.g., Well-site, Compressor site, Plant site). PatchMap™ is the only software searchable in this way.

Combined with MAXtrax , PatchMap™ in vehicle provides the most powerful vehicle tracking system and mapping tools available to the oilfield industry.