MAXtrax allows users to create as many POI's (Points Of Interest) as desired using several different user selectable icons (image in light green oval below) that makes identifying each type of location easy. Activating this layer allows dispatchers to quickly identify which where all of the assets are in relation to the POI's.

These POI's also make dispatching destinations to Garmin® equipped vehicles simple. Having a central store of POI's in MAXtrax eliminates the need to repeat location searches over and over. Quickly see which units are closest to a location or find the location you need to send an asset to, either way it's quick and easy.

Users can toggle POI's on or off with the click of a button allowing for a quick visual reference showing assets in relation to POI's.

Navigation Tool

The MAXtrax Navigation Tool allows users to quickly change map options such as Road Map, Satellite View, Hybrid Satellite View with roads, or Patchmaps Oilfeild Mapping.

Users can quickly adjust map view elevation to various levels by clicking on the zoom bars, turn Geofences or Points of Interest on (or off) and clear all items from the map.