Many organizations utilize a wide range of mobile but non-fleet vehicles such as snowmobiles, quads, transports, and small construction equipment. Some typical examples of powered construction equipment would be compressors, flameless heaters, light machines, and large water pumps. These are assets that are towed to location and don't move very often. However, they are still of great enough value to justify monitoring regularly. As these machines have on-board engines it’s vital to know the asset's operating hours along with their location. Asset tags used on this type of inventory are connected to various points on the engine thus providing data on engine hours and in some cases hours for other on board items as well. Reporting for these assets is recorded as often as 4 times per day or as little as once a day. Each report contains information to satisfy both managers and personnel in charge of maintaining the equipment.

Examples of powered assets include:

  • Quads
  • ATV's
  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • Snow Mobiles
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Flameless Heaters
  • Tracked Machines
  • Mobile Message Boards
  • Mobile Construction Light Machines

Particularly with regards to rental assets, the engine hours are often not accurately tracked for various reasons. Using asset tags to monitor mileage, engine hours (or both) allows fleet managers to schedule which assets require service and what parts to assemble when service personnel travel to these assets. Our Service Module offers the ability to give advance notice based on user settings for Time (yearly inspections), Mileage, Engine hours, and PTO/SMU hours, or a combination of all four.

Because the assets may not be started frequently enough to keep the asset battery charged, all asset tags for this type of service have internal batteries as well as external power connections. Tags for powered assets are rechargeable and will charge their internal battery when an asset engine is started. These tags provide notification when the asset battery is low and when their internal batteries are near end of their life.

To ensure we can monitor the many different types of assets our clients use, local or wordwide, we offer several choices. Talk to your TerraTrax Reseller for device and package pricing details.