Intelligent Maintenance Monitoring can save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

Performing Fleet Maintenance on time is an area many of our custmers have previously struggled with. Milaegae reports often dont get handed in on a regular basis making it diffcult for servcie managers to schedule service before assets are moved back into the field. All fleets, small to large, have to be monitored to ensure that maintenance is performed at the correct intervals. Without an automated system all assets must be constantly monitored by someone to ensure the assets do not exceed service intervals and are scheduled for service on time. GPS tracking through TerraTrax automates this process. We allow fleet managers to set fleet wide templates and/or vehicle and asset specific service options. Our Advanced Preventative Maintenance Module allows fleet manager to schedule service around one of four prameters, or a combination of them all, time, distance, engine hours, and PTO/SMU Hours for an unlimited number of maintenance items. Set up is quick and easy and the system allows for multiple e-mails to be sent or have e-mails for specific service items sent to different individuals or organizations.

All GPS tracking systems can track engine hours based on ignition sensing. We go a step further for the heavy duty equipment operators by allowing PTO/SMU monitoring via a simple connection which is done at the time of hardware installation. This option is substantially less expensive than tying into the equipment's ECM.

Individual Template Item

Example Of Template Applied To Asset

Save money by servicing your fleet on time before warranties are voided or serious damage occurs. Typically our GPS tracked mileage varies by less than 1% when compared to an assets odometer. In many case GPS mileage is more accurate because of the high sampling rate we use. Slippage is a real concern in some seasons, tires wear or are often replaced with different sizes which can also cause significant inaccuracies in the milegae shown vs. actual. Our GPS tracked milage helps reduce the inaccuracies

All completed maintenance items when checked off are tracked in the system, these completed items are then logged for historical purposes. These logs can be downloaded and stored locally by our customers.