Breakdown of all hardware devices currently in use on TerraTarx available HERE

There are several devices which are used to provide asset information to TerraTrax. No matter what the asset is, whether it's powered and rolls down the highway or gets towed to site, there's a tracking modem that can be utilized to provide out of site asset management. For temporary installations such as lease or rental vehicles a simple plug and play tracker is available. For other assets requiring permanently installed trackers there are various devices which can meet a wide variety of connectivity and reporting needs. Many of these trackers offer the ability to monitor activity on the asset such as lights on, door open, compressor on, and numerous other conditions.

The best way to determine which tracker will provide the functionality you require is to talk with a TerraTrax reseller. No matter what your fleet situation is, there's tracker that will provide the asset management you require.

OBDII Quick Install Plug And Track

OBDII devices can be quickly and easily installed by non-technical personnel. This allows companies to keep leased and rental vehicles in view with permanent other fleet assets. Because there is no hard wired install required these devices are exactly what fleet managers who are faced with rapid turnaround of temporary fleet assets have been waiting for.

Installing OBDII devices is quick and easy. The OBDII port is usually located under dash in the vicinity of the steering column:

In some vehicles the port has been hidden behind an easily opened (without tools) panel that is still within the area shown in the image above. This 16 pin connector is usually white, dark grey, or black.