To remain competitive and still maintain a profit companies need to discover innovative ways to better utilize the assets that they have. Those with fleets of vehicles face additional challenges, as logistical considerations are muliplied. TerraTrax can help you reduce many costs associated with fleet ownership. Below is our top ten list for using TerraTrax:

1 - YOU CAN'T MANAGE WHAT YOU CAN'T SEE! See everything with TerraTrax on one convenient screen!

2 - TerraTrax will help you track any unauthorized company vehicle usage. Monitor your drivers activity during week days and also on weekends. Many service fleet owners allow their drivers to take their assigned service vehicle home so that the drivers can travel directly to jobsites and eliminate drive time and mileage. Unfortunately some drivers see this as an opportunity to use the company vehicle for personal purposes, thus increasing your fuel and maintenance costs, and increasing your insurance liability exposure. These types of behaviours may be easily traced. In addition, you can also determine if employees are using your vehicles to perform jobs that are not accounted for, in other words: moonlighting.

3 - If you charge your customers for time onsite, MAXtrax will give you timestamp information, thereby allowing you to recognize when your personnel arrived onsite and when they departed. This simplifies your accounting and eliminates the possible discussion that ensues when a client disputes the time that your workers were at their location . It also ensures that your employees charge only for time they were onsite.

4 - Insurance for a fleet of vehicles can be a huge expenditure and many insurance companies are now offering discounts to fleet owners who have equipped their fleets with GPS tracking. From their perspective it’s not only less expensive to recover than to replace a stolen vehicle but by monitoring driver behaviour, behaviour, the risk involved is dramatically decreased. Reduce fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs, plus gain the ability to monitor vehicles displaying high-risk activity such as quick acceleration and heavy braking concerns.

5 - When clients contact your company requesting expected time-of-arrival you can informed information based upon accurate employee locational data. Increase productivity and customer satisfaction by dispatching the closest vehicle, and accomplish more in a day by using your fleet more efficiently.

6 - If a driver is having difficulty locating a jobsite your dispatcher can easily provide instructions based upon where the vehicle is on the map.

7 - Ensure that employees are taking the quickest route to the job site, and eliminate side trips or trips for personal purposes during business hours. Reduce fuel costs.

8 - Using Garmin® GPS devices you can send routing information directly to your employee’s vehicle. You can send a whole day's worth of job's and the driver, after completing the call they are on, simply opens the next job on the schedule.

9 - Monitor idle times. While some assets require the vehicle engine to be running while employees work onsite the majority don't. However some employees will allow their vehicle to idle for hours. The cost of fuel alone can add up to thousands of dollars per year but, there is also an increase in maintenance costs. We can aid in eliminating these common concerns.

10 - Save money on fuel costs by ensuring that every employee is using the most cost-effective route available during the daily operation of their vehicle. Reduction in inefficiency equals money saved.